Ukrainian Snipers Captured Large Group Of Invaders Without Firing A Shot

Soldiers of the special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told how they did it.


Snipers of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took two prisoners while searching for positions to work in the Bilohorivka area, who provided information that helped to “catch” 19 occupiers together.

This was reported by the press service of the MTR on Telegram, telling the story of a sniper pair of the 3rd separate special forces regiment. We are talking about one of the episodes of work in the Luhansk direction, when 19 invaders were taken prisoner together with an infantry unit, without firing a shot.

The Rabbit military regiment in the video says that when they went into the gray zone as snipers to look for positions for themselves, they “happily got into the location of an enemy observation post and captured two fools.”

“Two dudes are sitting and digging something with shovels,” he added. At the same time, he noted that it was also good luck that the enemy’s minefield was weak and the invaders “froze with their pants down” out of surprise.

The report notes that during the previous interrogation, these prisoners told who they were (mobilized from the so-called “LDNR”), as well as when they would be rotated and what tasks they had in this position.

It is noted that the next day, more prisoners were taken in the same area.

“The defense forces managed to capture 19 Russian servicemen and take up new positions in the Bilohorivka direction,” the report says.

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