Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoiskyi served with notice of suspicion

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), the Bureau of Economic Security and the Prosecutor General’s Office have served oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi with a notice of suspicion under several articles of the Criminal Code.

Source: UP sources in law enforcement agencies; SSU press service

Details: As UP sources report, Kolomoiskyi is under suspicion for Articles 190 and 209 of the Criminal Code: fraud and legalisation (laundering) of the proceeds of crime.

According to data obtained by UP, the notice of suspicion was served during a search of the oligarch’s property. Prosecutors will request Kolomoiskyi be placed in custody with bail being equivalent to the estimated damages.

The Security Service of Ukraine officially confirmed the oligarch had been served with a notice of suspicion.

The special service notes that it was established that during the years 2013-2020, Ihor Kolomoiskyi laundered more than half a billion UAH [approx. US$13.5 million] by taking them abroad, using the infrastructure of controlled banking institutions.

The pre-trial investigation under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office continues.


  • In February 2023, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security conducted a search at the home of oligarch Ihor Kolomoiskyi in Dnipro.
  • At that time, it was known that the investigation was related to fraud surrounding Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta, Ukrainian oil extracting and refining companies respectively. Before the companies were nationalised, Kolomoiskyi owned a stake in them.


    • Reports are coming in that WH advisors are meeting with Ukrainian anti corruption institutions. I wonder if Ukraine are going to give the US a nice present in the shape of Kolomoisky?

      • I don’t think the US would know what to do with Kolomoisky if they had him. Probably give him a free cell phone.

      • It would about damned time that Fat Bastard gets what he deserves; a fat prison term in the US.

  1. All oligarchs are criminals by definition. Russian ones and pro-Russian ones are the worst.
    Kolomoiskyi was anti-putler. The putinaZis thieved his assets in Crimea and other occupied areas.
    He was an ally of Yuschenko, Tymoshenko and Poro, before a bust-up with the latter.
    Kolomoiskyi funded some of the fledgling battalions formed in 2014 to the tune of $milliions, yet he has gone full putler. The bastard.

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