Russia can make 300 tanks a year, but lost 600 in Ukraine in just three months, – Chernev

Dmitry Petrovsky22:36, 09/02/23

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Russia may soon face the problem of a shortage of artillery weapons.

The Russian Federation does not have the ability to produce equipment in such quantities as it loses in the war in Ukraine. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security Yegor Chernev.

“We have, for example, information on the possibilities of producing tanks at the same Uralvagonmash. They began working there in three shifts. But this means that they can make 300 of the latest T-90 tanks a year. We knock out in three months of summer 600. Therefore, of course, sooner or later they will face the problem of a shortage of just the same artillery weapons. I think that this problem will arise very soon, “he said on the air of the national telethon .

Chernev also noted that now the Ukrainian military is maximally focused on the destruction of Russian artillery.

“Now our Defense Forces have focused on artillery mounts, artillery barrels so that during a counteroffensive they would not have the opportunity to respond or cover us with artillery fire. They are really not unlimited, their artillery weapons depots,” summed up Chernev.

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