Reuters: US to send depleted-uranium munitions to Ukraine

by Olena Goncharova andThe Kyiv Independent news desk

September 2, 2023 2:21 AM

An Australian M1 Abrams tank moves along a dirt road during the Brolga Strike exercise in Townsville, Australia, on June 16, 2017. (Ian Hitchcock)

In a significant development, the Biden administration is preparing to ship armor-piercing munitions containing depleted uranium to Ukraine, marking the first time such weaponry will be sent to the country. This information was revealed in a document seen by Reuters and independently confirmed by two U.S. officials.

Depleted uranium is a by-product of uranium enrichment. It is roughly two and a half times denser than steel, which makes it particularly effective for piercing heavy armor on the battlefield.

These specialized rounds, designed to effectively combat Russian tanks, form a key component of a forthcoming military aid package for Ukraine, scheduled to be officially announced within the next week. The coming aid package will be worth between $240 million and $375 million depending on what is included.

The munitions are compatible with U.S. Abrams tanks, which are anticipated to be delivered to Ukraine shortly, according to the source.

The U.K. has reportedly already sent tens of thousands of depleted-uranium shells to Ukraine along with its Challenger 2 tanks.


    • I don’t see that happening with Putin once again flexing or claiming to flex his nuclear muscle. Biden is probably hiding under the resolute desk with Jake Sullivan licking his ice cream cone and saying he can’t send the ATACMS because they contribute to climate change.

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