Kolomoisky “absolutely” disagrees with criminal charges

02.09.2023 20:20

Ihor Kolomoiskyi, a Ukrainian mogul accused of fraud and legalizing criminal assets, said he had taken a “very superficial” look at the charges brought against him, adding that he disagrees with them.

This is reported by Dnipro TV, Ukrinform saw.

When asked by a journalist whether he had time to familiarize himself with the charges, he stated that “really briefly, superficially.”

When asked whether he agrees with the charges pressed, Kolomoiskyi answered: “Well, of course not. Absolutely not.”

It was previously reported that the court session to select a preventive measure for Ihor Kolomoisky will be held in closed session.

Ihor Kolomoiskyi said he was against being filmed by journalists.

The inquiry established that in 2013-2020, Kolomoiskyi allegedly legalized more than half a billion hryvnias by wiring them abroad, using the infrastructure of banking institutions under his control.



  1. Now see this is the stupidity of today’s journalists!!! WTF do you think he’s going to say…oh yeah I’m guilty as charged. Give me a break from these moronic journalists.

  2. “Kolomoisky “absolutely” disagrees with criminal charges”

    Of course, Fat Bastard is as innocent as a kitten. How dare Ukraine charge him?

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