Energy companies of Ukraine purchased 50 M113 armored personnel carriers for border guards

The Ministry of Energy and enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine purchased armored vehicles for the State Border Service of Ukraine.

This is reported by  the Industrial Portal with reference to the message of the State Security Service.

The largest contribution of 300 million hryvnias was made by the nuclear power company (NAEC Energoatom), more than 100 million hryvnias were contributed by JSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, PJSC Ukrhydroenergo, PJSC Ukrnafta, the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine. A total of 23 enterprises contributed.

The equipment was purchased for the brigade of the 15th mobile border detachment “Steel Border”.

“Energy workers are successfully holding their front. But our work, like the whole country, depends on the first line of the front – the Armed Forces of Ukraine, border guards, the National Guard, the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Security Service and all those who destroy the enemy on the front lines. Today is the day of unity of energy workers in helping the first front line. We had the honor and the opportunity to support the “Steel Border” border guard brigade, and I am very proud that the entire industry united for this,” emphasized the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko.

The Minister specified that the companies of the nuclear, oil and gas, electric power and coal industries, as well as companies of operators of the distribution system and gas transmission system, participated in the collection of funds. Each of them made different contributions to help the border guards. 

“We will continue to support our military and defenders of our state and can contribute to our future great Victory,” added the head of the Ministry of Energy.

The head of the State Border Guard Service, Serhii Deineko, thanked the energy companies for their help with the purchase of equipment that is already participating in the fight against the enemy in the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions.

“Sincere words of thanks to your labor teams who responded to our request and supported us. Thanks to you, our guys got good, powerful equipment – American M-113 armored personnel carriers, which help destroy the enemy and are also used for medical evacuation. Energy workers supported the border guards, then we will support the energy workers – a difficult winter period is ahead, and we will do everything possible so that as little as possible “reaches” you, he said.

Serhii Deineko said that the corresponding tracked armored personnel carriers have high throughput and will help border guards to move in the most difficult weather conditions.

A total of 50 armored personnel carriers were purchased.



  1. If I were a billionaire, Ukraine would have all sorts of goodies. Some billionaires, however, are too busy licking the anus of the kremlin rat.

    • Tough guys like myself always support the underdogs, losers will always support the obvious favorites. I supported Schalke 04 in the 90’s and currently support Holstein Kiel in the (2nd) Bundesliga. Kiel is now ranked 1st! 😎 It’s a mentality issue, period! 🇺🇦

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