The Armed Forces of Ukraine made titanic efforts to break through the second line: where our troops are now

August 31, 2023

Ukrainian forces broke through the enemy’s first line of defense in the South and are moving on 
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The Ukrainian defense forces are moving confidently in the South and are succeeding in breaking through the enemy’s first line of defense. And now the decisive phase of the offensive operation of the Armed Forces begins.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political observer of the “Information Resistance” group, told Channel 24 that the Defense Forces broke through the security line, which is the first line of defense.

The road to Tokmak through fortifications and mines is important : how important is the village of Robotyne, which was liberated by the Armed Forces

There is a chance to go to Tokmak

Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are implementing a breakthrough in the second line of defense – the main one. It is followed by the third line, which has a name – rear. Ukrainian forces are at the first line between Novoprokopivka and Verbov of the main defense line. And they are expanding their bridgehead there.

The Armed Forces made a titanic effort to break through the first line. Especially taking into account the number of mines with which the fields were mined there,
– emphasized the military observer.

Now the second stage of the breakthrough is taking place, although it is too early to say that the enemy’s defense line has been finally broken through. However, after the liberation of the settlements of Novoprokopivka, Ilchenkove, and Sweetka Balka, the Ukrainian defenders will have the opportunity to very quickly go to Tokmak.

A military observer predicted the further movement of Ukrainian forces in the South: watch the video

Then we can already say that the Armed Forces broke through the second, main line of defense of the occupiers. After that, the Defense Forces can take Tokmak into an operational environment or release it. This will mean a complete breakthrough of the main line of defense with access to the third – the rear line, and the start of operations in the rear area of ​​the enemy
– Oleksandr Kovalenko explained.

If the Armed Forces enters the southern locations of Tokmok, according to a military observer, a cascade collapse of the entire defense of the Russian occupiers can be predicted.

To the topic The enemy is trying to regain lost positions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on the offensive in the South: the battle map for August 31

What is the situation at the front

  • Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar said. that Ukrainian forces continue to advance in the southern directions. In addition, they are making progress in the direction Novodanilivka – Novoprokopivka and are now consolidating on the achieved positions.
  • According to the General Staff, the occupiers carried out offensive actions near Klishchiivka and Kurdyumivka in the Bakhmut direction. However, they did not bring success to the Russians.
  • The Defense Forces also repelled Russian attacks in the Shakhtarsky direction in the Staromayorsky area of ​​the Donetsk region.


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