“Sevastopol awaits, Kamchatka awaits”: National Security Council Secretary shows Ukrainian missiles’ testing results

31 AUGUST 2023

Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, has shown successful tests of Ukrainian-made missile weapons.

Source: Danilov on Facebook

Quote: “The missile programme of the President of Ukraine is in action. The tests are successful, the deployment is effective.

“Sevastopol is waiting, Kamchatka is waiting, Kronstadt is waiting…” [These are the lyrics of Tam, Za Tumanami (“There, Beyond the Mists”), a song by a Russian patriotic band Lyube, which is now related to Ukraine’s liberation of Russian-occupied territories].

P.S. A quiet and singing Ukrainian night…”

Details: Danilov did not provide any details. At the same time, according to UP, this video is related to President Zelenskyy’s statement that Ukrainian long-range weapons managed to hit a target 700 kilometres away.

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  1. Missiles, missiles, and missiles are what Ukraine needs … to eliminate bridges, ammo dumps, fuel depots, command posts, logistic centers, railroad junctions, airfields, radar systems and stations, ships, and more.

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