Read this post and do these four things :


Sept 1st

  1. Share it with your friends.
  2. Go to Pepsi and Mars page and leave a comment reminding them that they are sponsoring war crimes.
  3. Stop buying their products.
  4. Stop working for these companies. I actually had two connection on LinkedIn who worked for these companies. I had to disconnect, because I cannot be connected to people who even tangentially enable genocide against my family and friends.

Pepsi and Mars have paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes to the russian budget. They are examples of morally bankrupt organizations. For them, money is more important than human lives.

Both companies have been officially listed as international sponsors of war. These companies still operating on the territory of russia, enabling genocide against Ukrainian people.

But obviously they don’t care. They are morally bankrupt companies. So, I encourage all my connections to stop sponsoring war crimes and stop buying Pepsi and Mars brands.

Also, make sure to share this and leave a “nice” comment for this international sponsor of terrorism and war crimes.

We are better than this!



  1. And here is Victoria Mars opening a new factory in Rostov in 2017; three years after the annexation of Crimea and the murder of 14,000 Ukrainians in Donbas.

    Note; if you scroll down the article, you will see a more recent one, from four weeks ago, with Mars bleating about tropical coral reefs.
    They are more worried about ecology than saving Ukrainian lives.
    Utter cunts.

  2. These large companies simply don’t care if their money stinks or is soaked with blood. I don’t understand why our governments won’t at least do something to stop them from doing business with the shithole, or at least to discourage them by jacking up their taxes massively.

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