Putin said that soon the “economic life” of Russians will move to China (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko18:43, 09/01/23

In this context, the dictator hinted that Russian children should learn Chinese faster.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that the center of Russia’s “economic and political life” is gradually shifting to China.

In this context, the dictator hinted to Russian schoolchildren on September 1 that they should learn Chinese faster. A video with Putin’s address was shown by TASS propaganda.

“Given the pace of development of Asia and Asian countries, the center of economic, as always happens, and the center of political life will gradually shift to these regions. I repeat once again, this is an absolutely objective inevitable process … In this regard, the study of the languages ​​of those countries with which the volume of our relations is growing. Well, with China… The same trade turnover is growing,” Putin said.

Putin hinted to schoolchildren to learn Chinese faster

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  1. Putin admits, he failed! Russia will become a province of China, and all Russians must learn Chinese. In Russia is no work nor future!

    • Yep. Instead of freedom, they will have slavery.
      Instead of liberty they will have the police state.
      Instead of french fries they will have rice patties.
      Instead of Mercedes they will have KIA
      Instead of rock music they will have China twang.
      Instead of school they will have indoctrination.
      Instead of elections they will have labor camps.
      By then, the russians will be begging for Ukraine to occupy them.
      Putin = Fail

  2. Preparing his nazi serfs for defacto chicom rule.
    They are such pathetic cunts that whatever their fuhrer says, they go along with it passively.

  3. So, the ruskies will trade their miserable lives as slaves of moscow to be slaves of bat virus land. Hail the best strategist since Gomer Pyle.

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