Il-76 planes destroyed in Pskov were transporting Iranian “Shaheds”, – Ignat

Nadia Prishlyak16:42, 09/01/23

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In Russia, there is hysteria due to the fact that objects that are located deep in the rear are being shelled.

Destroyed at the Pskov airport, four Russian Il-76 aircraft were transporting cargo, weapons and personnel of the Russian army. Among other things, these aircraft delivered Shahed kamikaze drones from Tehran to Russia.

“Unfortunately, there are still many such aircraft in Russia – dozens of aircraft. These ILs also transport Shahedas from Tehran to Moscow. Thus, Russia will definitely not use four aircraft,” said Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. on the air of the telethon .

He stressed that due to attacks on airfields, Russia cannot feel safe “even on distant approaches” and they have to disperse their aircraft as far as the Far East. According to him, this is where the Russians hide their strategic bombers. 

He noted that this is also a negative psychological factor for the entire population of Russia, for their military.

“You see hysteria in Russian publics, on propaganda channels – they really don’t like what is happening. But what did they want?” Ignat emphasized about the Russian reaction to the shelling of the airport, which is located far from the border with Ukraine.

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