“I must speak Russian”: in Germany, a man threw a child from Ukraine off a bridge

Ludmila Zhernovskaya19:46, 09/01/23

The boy received multiple injuries.

In the German city of Einbeck, a man attacked children from Ukraine because they spoke Ukrainian. Bild writes about it .

The prosecutor’s office said that a ten-year-old boy was playing with children when a passer-by approached them. He was indignant that the children speak Ukrainian among themselves, because they “must speak Russian.” Then he said that it was Ukraine that started the war.

The man pulled the girl’s hair, then grabbed a ten-year-old boy and threw him over the railing of the bridge into the canal. The child hit the iron beams attached to the bridge, he was injured in the head and left leg.

Moreover, when the boy was lying in the canal, the man allegedly threw a glass bottle at him, which hit the child in the right shoulder area.

After that, the passerby fled. It is known that he was about 40-45 years old, he was dressed in a blue shirt, black cap and denim shorts. The police are investigating a case of attempted murder.

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  1. Sounds like terrible injuries inflicted on these poor child by this devil.
    I hope that the Germans will give the best medical care possible.
    We can already imagine the bullshit that his lawyer will come up with in mitigation.
    Best to hunt him down and do exactly the same to him that he did to these children.

  2. No doubt, this “man” was a cockroach. Only a cockroach would know the difference between Ukrainian and ruskie … and pick on children.

  3. Apparently one of those russian Germans, most of them Putin fans (in my personal experience) who did this. Gladly, according to Northern German broadcaster NDR, the boy wasn’t badly hurt. Must have had a guardian angel, maybe “Juice” flying escort! Search for the attacker did start immediately. Gladly one of the kids, a girl, speaks German and gave a good description.

      • Easier said than done, RedSquareMaidan. It has been the policy of Germany to allow people with German ancestry to repatriate to the home country. In the case of Russia, this was mostly about ethnic minorities like Volga Germans, but propably many Russians with phony papers got in, too. And all those guys got citizenship. A stupid policy, imho, but since they’re German citizens now, we can’t do anything about it. 🙁

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