“He calls me his friend”: Putin confirmed visit to China to meet with Xi Jinping

Artem Budrin18:34, 09/01/23

The President of Russia is preparing to hold talks with the leader of China.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said he would soon meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“He calls me his friend, I am happy to call him my friend, because he is a person who does a lot to develop Russian-Chinese relations,” Putin said during a meeting with schoolchildren on September 1.

According to Putin, the center of economic and political life will gradually shift to Asia. “This is an objective process,” the dictator noted.

The Kremlin leader also supported the proposal to include the study of Chinese and other oriental languages ​​in the Russian school curriculum.

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  1. ‘He calls me a friend’. That is the statement of a bed rug. ‘I call him a friend’ would be more statesman like.

  2. “He calls me his friend, I am happy to call him my friend…”

    I bet. Reminds me of Hitler and Stalin.

    • Ha! Yeah, that was the beginning of a great friendship. And then the end. Shattered dreams, shattered countries. Long story short, sociopaths don’t have real friends.

      • Yeah, and this is proof that we humans don’t learn from past mistakes. We’re damned to repeat them.

  3. This almost looks as if Putin doesn’t understand that Xi is as much of a manipulative liar as he himself. “Friend”? Yeah, he ay act like one, as long as it isn’t more profitable to stab you into the back! Better end the war on Ukraine and send the troops to the Chinese border, before it’s too late!

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