UNBELIEVABLE! Ukrainians BREACH 6 KM OF DEFENSES IN 1 DAY! | War in Ukraine Explained

Reporting From Ukraine

Today, there are a lot of important updates.

First of all, when it comes to the most successful Ukrainian strike, more information became available about the level of destruction of the Russian bases. Today, local Russian residents released more footage from the Russian strategic airfield in the Pskov region, which clearly shows a burning airlifter IL-76. The narrator also mentioned that the second aircraft was burning simultaneously as well. If yesterday Russian sources claimed that Ukrainians damaged 4 aircraft, then today some sources mentioned that 6 aircraft IL-76 were actually damaged. The spokesman for Ukrainian Intelligence commented on the situation and confirmed that Ukrainian forces indeed conducted a major attack with the goal of destroying some of the most advanced and precious strategic aircraft. He also said that 4 aircraft were completely destroyed and cannot be repaired, while the number of damaged aircraft is still being determined.

Recently released satellite footage helped in determining the extent of the damage. Judging by the black marks on the fuselage of the aircraft and several firefighting vehicles, there are at least 2 more aircraft damaged. However, the weather was cloudy, and most of the airfield could not be seen, so it is quite possible that the level of losses is much higher, especially given that Ukrainians struck the airfield in several waves, targeting different parts of the airfield.

The Russian media sources discussed this event in disbelief, claiming that it is impossible to cross more than 700 km without being detected, which is why they concluded that the attack was conducted by the Baltic states on behalf of Ukraine and claimed that they needed to be wiped out. Others said that the Russian air defense could not be so weak along the border with enemies, so the drones must have crossed the territory of Belarus with the prior approval of Lukashenko. Both versions are extremely unlikely, especially given that Ukrainian drones are targeting Russian bases around Moscow on a regular basis.

By the way, that is why Russians started introducing some changes to these bases. Recently released satellite footage shows some of the Russian strategic bombers Tu-22m3 with atypical camouflage. The analysts concluded that Russians just glued the camo to confuse Ukrainian drones that are equipped with aiming systems based on visual identification of targets by size. The camouflage supposedly does not allow for the identification of the sizes properly, causing the drones to miss their targets. The method is very dubious, but it is still a testament to the fact that Ukrainian drones destroyed a noticeable number of bombers.

The strikes also continue today. The first target of the strike became the Bryansk region. Russian sources reported that Ukrainians attempted to destroy a connection tower but that the Russian air defense shot down all drones. The footage, however, indicates that some drones reached their destination.

But the biggest news comes from the Tokmak direction. Just several days ago, we were talking about how Ukrainians reached the second line of defense, and today, Ukrainian fighters from the 82nd and 47th Brigades have already breached it. Russian sources reported that Ukrainians basically ignored the region, where Russians deployed thousands of troops over the last few days and conducted a powerful attack in the direction of Verbove. Geolocated footage shows how Russians are shelling the northern part of Verbove, which indicates that Ukrainians are already storming the settlement. Such a development indicates that Russians lost control over 6 km of trenches virtually in one day. And these trenches were supposed to be the main and the most powerful fortifications that were supposed to stop the Ukrainian advancement completely. Right now, Ukrainians are trying to consolidate control over as many fortifications as possible. If Ukrainians manage to hold the ground and repel Russian counterattacks, the second line of defense will collapse completely.


  1. Things are not going too well for the mafia state. russia is on fire, and the so-called impenetrable defence lines are crumbling. If Ukraine get behind them, then we can expect the sort of carnage we saw after Kherson and Kharkiv.

  2. Ukraine needs many, many more combat troops.
    As the counteroffensive gathers pace, lots of men and equipment will be needed to hold the liberated territories.
    Apparently the EU trained 40,000 Ukrainian troops this year. The UK trained 20,000 new volunteers with no military experience who had been working in sectors like business and technology, with another 20,000 experienced soldiers.
    Still not enough though.
    Ukraine needs an injection of another 100,000 troops in time for winter. Then another batch for next year’s counteroffensive.

  3. I hear ya Sir Scradgel but this is still outstanding news to wake up too. Our heroes are kicking ass and just moving forward. Outstanding. I pray for our heroes and that our losses are minimized as much as possible.

    Слава Україні!
    Героям слава! 

  4. “And these trenches were supposed to be the main and the most powerful fortifications that were supposed to stop the Ukrainian advancement completely.”

    I don’t believe in this so-called “main defense line” that is the second or third line. The main defense line is the first line, where the massive minefields are. The others pose not much of a problem. Now that the minefields are penetrated, the main task for Ukraine troops is to make more breaches in the first line, continue eliminating mafia artillery and counterbattery systems, and destroy ammo dumps. Still a lot of work to do, but things are looking good.

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