Ukraine has shown the launch of a new long-range missile for the first time – the video may show a modified Neptune anti-ship missile with a launch range of up to 400 kilometres

August 31, 2023

A short video shows the launch of a long-range Ukrainian missile. The video was published by the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov.

Here’s What We Know

On Twitter, Oleksiy Danilov wrote about the successful tests and effective use of the missile. The 20-second video, of which 12 seconds were for the countdown, shows the launch of the missile at night.

Because of the darkness, we don’t see the rocket itself. The launcher is not shown either. It is probably a cruise missile equipped with a solid fuel engine.

Talks about a new Ukrainian-made long-range missile appeared a few days ago, when a launcher of the S-400 surface-to-air missile system was destroyed in Crimea. The media wrote about the use of the Neptun complex, and later Oleksiy Danilov said that the strike was carried out by a new Ukrainian development.

The defence industry has modified the Neptun anti-ship cruise missile. It has a 350kg warhead and a maximum launch range of 400km. The modification allows the missile to hit ground targets.

Perhaps it was the Neptune anti-ship missile that was in the video. In addition, today the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reported the existence of domestically produced weapons that can hit targets within a radius of 700 kilometres.

Source: @OleksiyDanilov


  1. The Neptune will be Ukraine’s ATACMS and also its Taurus. Biden and Scholz can stick their missiles into their asses.

  2. for the ATACMS it seems to me that they are mainly intended for South Korea which faces the threat from North Korea:
    army 1 million soldiers with 8 million reservists…
    12,000 tanks etc…
    If Trump, the narcissistic asshole, had dealt with/reduced the threat, had produced real work, it could perhaps have helped Ukraine more… but what is certain is Putin will set fires wherever he can and that ‘it’s not just the Ukrainian war… unfortunately.

    let’s remember that if Iran has the bomb it will be the work of Trump too… (who by the way caused everyone who did business there to lose money with the sanctions of his ineffective policy).

    • TDS much? I will remind you it was Biden as VP let the ruzzians storm Crimea and the Donbas. Then again it was Biden as president when ruzzia expanded their full on invasion of Ukraine. But in your propaganda-soaked mind, its Trump’s fault. LMAO…go see a doctor. Today the temperature was below normal where I live so I’m pissed at Trump for stealing my temperature!!!

    • I doubt that the ATACMS are being kept back because of the Koreas. It has something to do with fear and cowardice on the part of Biden.

    • Winged carrot I was with you but got lost on the Trump fault stuff. South Korea and Trump? Are you for real? How about the six decades of pure bullshit from everyone occupying the White house. The Iran bomb crap? That you owe to Obama and his moronic peace plan. What idiot on this earth signs a peace plan that says don’t develop nukes for seven years but then you could do what you want and in the meantime go ahead and develop ballistic missiles. Only an idiot would think that is a deterrent. At least Trump called it for what it was…pure bullshit…keep in mind I HATE the orange baboon but I lay blame where it belongs.

  3. If you think Trump is a great man, you’re already not interested in the truth. you are ready to enter the big sect 😉

    if you mention the climate by talking about the cold without making the difference between weather and climate – buy yourself a brain!
    you already gave me a stupid answer before about the existence of God:
    science says that it is good for your health to believe in God – in no way does it prove the existence of God! God will always be the tree that hides the forest of questions. The more ignorant we are, the more pretentious we are 😉
    I imagine you don’t even know the latest scientific knowledge…

    it is the nature of Man to “negotiate with reality” however for his survival – “reality is the best place to cook a steak”
    (the Russians prove it to us every day)

    now that there is an alignment of errors on both sides is the nature of “accidents”. The great failure of Westerners is not having managed the end of the USSR correctly…

    Bush senior had also asked Ukraine not to gain independence even…
    anyway next…

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