Single Ukrainian drone decimates Russian military hardware worth $5M near Bakhmut

31.08.2023 22:40

It took one drone for the Ukrainian soldiers with the CODE 9.2 force to destroy three units of Russian military equipment worth over $5 million.

That’s according to Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, who reported the news via Telegram, Ukrinform saw.

“In the Bakhmut area, our soldiers destroyed Russian equipment worth more than $5 million overnight. Soldiers with the CODE 9.2 unit turned a T-80 tank, a SAU 2S1 self-propelled howitzer, and an MTU-90 armored bridge-builder into junk using a single attack drone.

Thanks to the skills of our soldiers and their quadcopter, the Russians will no longer be able to fire their howitzers and a tank on our Defense Forces’ positions, and neither will they be able to transport equipment across water obstacles with the help of a bridge-builder,” Fedorov wrote, thanking the soldiers for their professional effort.″We are working to provide the Defense Forces with an even greater number of drones within the Drone Army initiative,” the deputy prime minister noted.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, border guards in cooperation with other elements of Ukraine’s Defense Forces located and engaged an enemy tank near Bakhmut.



  1. If Ukraine wants to win, Putin, Shoigu and Khadyrov have to die. This is why my bets were on Prigo. Meanwhile Germany still won’t deliver the Taurus.

    • We have to face the sad truth that Scholz and Biden are spineless cowards and that they will never find a grain of courage. They were a waste of male sperm. Their fathers should have jerked them off into a river. At least they would have been something useful … fish food.

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