Russian Volunteer Corps takes part in attacks on Kursk airfield

31 August, 2023

The Russian Volunteer Corps says it took part in the attack on the Kursk airfield.

The Russian Volunteer Corps stated that they had conducted the operation jointly with the SSU counterintelligence.

To carry out the operation, Russian volunteers had to enter the territory of Russia.

“Having crossed the “leaky” border again without any obstacles, on the night of August 27, we attacked a military facility with drones,” the Russian Volunteer Corps said.

As a result, the soldiers struck their intended targets. The air defense elements covering the aircraft were also hit.

Airfield in the Kursk region

Also, the Russian Volunteer Corps said that Russian air defense hit one of the residential buildings when it tried to intercept the drones.

“Russian air defense hit only a residential building in Kursk. The governor of Kursk is lying that our drone crashed into the high-rise building,” the Russian Volunteer Corps said.

As previously reported, on the night of August 27, SSU counterintelligence with the help of drones attacked Russian military aircraft at the Kursk airfield.

The kamikaze drones reportedly hit four Su-30 fighter jets and one MiG-29 fighter aircraft. The radars of the S-300 system and two Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile systems were also among the destroyed targets.

Almost all SSU drones reached their targets. The Russians themselves recorded 13 explosions.

Будівля у Курській області після подій 27 серпня. Фото: РДК

A building in the Kursk region after the events of August 27. Photo credits: Russian Volunteer Corps

“Judging by the fact that even the Russians themselves recorded at least 13 explosions, the hit was quite impressive. We will learn about the exact consequences of the damage and the number of dead and wounded in the near future,” the sources of RBC-Ukraine reported.

As previously reported, on August 30, during a large-scale attack on the Russian airfield in Pskov, Ukrainian drones hit four Il-76 military transport aircraft.


  1. There you have it, folks, at least part of the attacks against mafia land were and are conducted from within the crap hole.

    “As a result, the soldiers struck their intended targets. The air defense elements covering the aircraft were also hit.”

    Wonderful tactic! That’ll make the next attacks easier.

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