Official statistics: A third of Russians live on less than $10 a day


While official Russian statistics report an increase in salaries in the Russian Federation, citizens admit that they have to save even on basic necessities.

In particular, two-thirds of Russians (64.4%) live on an income below 45,000 rubles per month ($467), reports The Moscow Times with reference to Rosstat data. 

More than a third (37.7%) receive up to 27,000 rubles per month, or $9.3 per day at the current exchange rate.

Every fifth person (21.7%) has an income below 19,000 rubles per month, or $6.6 per day. And one in eight (11.7%) lives on less than 14,000 rubles per month, or $4.9 per day.

Only 14.7% of citizens in Russia have an income of 75,000 rubles per month – at the level of the average salary of the poorest European countries, such as Serbia or North Macedonia. And more than 100 thousand rubles per month (at the level of the average salary in Bulgaria) receive only 7.6%.

In addition, Russians complain en masse about the lack of money and start saving on essential goods. In July, every fifth person (19%) was forced to cut down on food expenses, the “Romir” survey showed. 22% started to save on medicine, 37% – gave up recreation and entertainment, 41% – from expensive purchases and durable goods.

15% of Russians live “from gardens”, growing vegetables and fruits in the country, as well as picking berries and mushrooms. Джерело:


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