Ukrainian Drone Attack Hits ‘More Than 30 Traitors’ in Zaporizhzhia – SBU

An SBU source provided Kyiv Post with video of the alleged attack and said it was further proof that “working for Russia is dangerous for life and health.”

by Maryna Shashkova

A Ukrainian drone attack on a gathering of occupation authority officials in the Zaporizhzhia region has struck “more than 30 traitors,” Kyiv’s security services have claimed.

Kyiv Post source in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), said the strike targeted a gathering of “chairmen of precinct election commissions” in the city of Kamianka-Dniprovska on Tuesday.

“More than 30 traitors, who were guarded by the Russian military, in particular, Kadyrov people, gathered,” the source told Kyiv Post.

“During the meeting, they wanted to organize the distribution of ballots and voting booths. The SBU ‘adjusted’ the plans of the occupiers with the help of attack drones.”

The drone attack was organized in several waves, they said, adding: “Its exact consequences will be assessed later, but it’s already known that many were wounded.

“The successful attack by the SBU is another signal to all collaborators that working for Russia is dangerous for life and health.”

The source also provided an aerial image of where the strike took place, a building the source said was a polling station.

Though the SBU’s claims have yet to be independently verified, the source also provided drone footage of the claimed strike on a building in the city, as well as video shot from the ground showing the same building in flames.

Russian-installed authorities in the Zaporizhzhia region plan to hold sham elections on Sep. 10, including by-elections of State Duma deputies, elections of heads of a number of regions, and deputies of legislative bodies of state power in the occupied territories of Ukraine.


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