Two helicopters crashed in Donetsk region, six Ukrainian pilots died, – media

Katerina Chernovol21:44, 08/30/23

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It is noted that all the dead had officer ranks.

On Tuesday, August 29, two helicopters of military aviation crashed in the Bakhmut direction in the Donetsk region. Six pilots from the 18th separate army aviation brigade named after Igor Sikorsky were killed.

As a representative of the 18th separate army aviation brigade named after Igor Sikorsky Yevgeny Rakita said in a commentary to Suspilny , all the dead had officer ranks. One of them is from the Poltava region, the rest are from other regions. 

It is known that the disaster occurred during the performance of a combat mission. Rakita added that while the names of the military and the circumstances of their death were not disclosed for security reasons.

With the dead military will say goodbye in Poltava. The memorial service will take place on September 1st. It is noted that the pilot from the Poltava region will be buried at the place of residence. The rest of the dead soldiers will be led on their last journey in their native regions.

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  1. That’s a terrible tragedy.
    But truly indescribable for their loved ones.
    A million curses on the rodent nazi and his murder gang.

  2. Poo-a-ton needs to stop. People on both sides die and they don’t care. Ruzzia will never dig out of the hole that is burying them because of one leader that is too stupid to stop. There is no win for them.

    • Amen. What a terrible tragedy. They deserved to see their flag flying over Sevastopol but now they will have to witness that event from above. God bless our Defenders!
      Heroyam slava!!

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