There hasn’t been such a powerful attack since spring: the KMVA revealed the consequences of a rocket attack

Evgenia Sokolenko07:16, 08/30/23

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Air defense forces destroyed more than 20 enemy targets.

Today, August 30, the Russian invaders carried out a massive, combined attack on Kiev using drones and missiles.

“Night air attack. Kyiv has not experienced such a powerful attack since spring. The enemy carried out a massive, combined attack using drones and missiles,” the KMVA said.

It is noted that at first the invaders used shock UAVs, previously, Shahed. Several groups of drones were heading towards the capital from different directions. However, missiles launched from Tu-95MS strategic aviation soon flew to the capital.

“In general, more than 20 enemy targets were destroyed by air defense forces and means (the exact number, as well as the type of missiles and UAVs will be officially published by the Air Force).

In the capital, debris was recorded in several areas. Unfortunately, people died. In the Shevchenko district, on the territory of the enterprise, pieces of rashist rockets killed two people, another was injured.

Also, as a result of the fall of the remnants of rockets, destruction and fires occurred in the Shevchenkivsky and Darnitsky districts,” the administration added.

It is indicated that in both areas, debris fell on the territory of non-residential buildings. Detachments of the State Emergency Service liquidated the fires that broke out at the crash site.

“Once again, we thank the air defense for the excellent work. But once again I will voice the persistent requests of our defenders of the sky – take care of your own safety!

And in no case stop the air defense work! Help bring peace in Ukraine after our victory!” KMVA Sergey Popko.

Later, the administration clarified that as a result of the fall of debris in different districts of Kiev, two people were killed, and three more were injured of varying severity. The injured received medical assistance, two wounded were hospitalized.

Two security guards of the enterprise were killed . They were young guys – 26 and 36 years old.

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