Satellite shows barricade barges against Ukrainian drones near Crimean Bridge

30 AUGUST 2023

The Russians have installed barges south of the Crimean Bridge that are supposed to become “barricades” covering the bridge against Ukrainian naval drones.

Source: the Russian service of Radio Liberty

Details: The media outlet gained access to satellite images that depict barges installed to the south of the bridge: they have not been “flooded” and are most likely anchored in one location.


These barges will most likely be used as the foundation for a barricade against Ukrainian naval drones.

The images taken on 19 and 21 August also show preparatory work in this district.



Radio Liberty: Damaged section of bridge / Possible barricade installation


  • On 22 August, Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence reported that Russia was flooding ferries in this location in order to prevent drone attacks on the bridge. Defence Intelligence said the Russian Army planned to flood at least six watercraft in order to create a protective strip near the bridge.
  • The Russians allegedly intend to install booms between flooded ferries, as they did earlier in the Bay of Sevastopol, which was also attacked by Ukrainian USVs.

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  1. If only Ukraine could launch one of their nautical drones to come in from the other direction.

    • There are plenty of spaces between those barges. I wonder if they have nets strung between the boats. But, that would be hard to do if they’re sunk. 🤡

    • I think that Ukraine will have to go that route. I doubt if a water drone or two can do the job.

  2. The most sensible thing is to string anti-submarine nets between the barges, with a tug at each end.
    The towing tug pulling the string out of the way when a ship needs to pass, looping round to close the gap after, the tail end tug providing resistance to keep the nets taught.

    That is the inherent weakness in this method, either the tug can be hijacked, or semi / submersible drones can attack during the opening or before the closing, the larger the passing vessel, the longer the opening.

    So if it is done, it needs to be either a number of drones or an extremely large warhead.

    Either way, it will be done sooner or later unless Crimea is liberated before the end of the year.

      • Someone was discussing the Ferry thing somewhere, saying they didn’t have enough for the whole Bridge.

        • They could sink the rust bucket navy ships alongside the bridge, and their oil tankers and dry cargo ships. That should do it.

      • All while keeping ship traffic going…
        They should send the kamikaze drones to hit the chemical and fuel trains until the damn thing finally melts. IMO bridges are designed to be flexible. Wait until they try to haul some fertilizer through there. Remember Oklahoma City? That was just a couple barrels of the stuff.

        • I don’t want to piss on your Strawberries RSM, but it takes a bit more than just Fertilizer to make a bang, it has to be ‘prepared’.

          • I’m not a chemist I just want that bridge down. If you mix up a train cars of petrol, chemicals and fertilizer or some other concoction have at it. Toss in some Sulfuric acid while you’re at it too…

        • I suppose that the AFU will use either the Neptunes or the modified S-200s to demolish the damned thing.

  3. “Russians intend to install booms”

    I’m sure that Ukraine will be sending them some “booms”.

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