Russian occupation “authorities” reportedly began leaving the city of Tokmak as the Ukrainian army approaches

That’s according to the information of locals reported by Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol, which is the next occupied Ukrainian city in the area.

The occupiers are being smoked out of Tokmak. Almost daily explosions and the liberation of settlements in the Melitopol direction transform Tokmak, which is still occupied, to a completely front-line city,” Fedorov said.

While the initial distance from the Russian-occupied city of Tokmak to the frontline was about 31 km, it is now less than 20 km as the Ukrainian army advanced, taking Robotyne and areas around it. The Ukrainian army has reached the second line of Russian defense in the area.

Visually confirmed Ukrainian advances in the direction of Tokmak and Melitopol according to the DeepStateMap

According to Fedorov, the local occupying authorities are being transported to another city. It is not yet known which one exactly.

As was reported, following the liberation of Robotyne, Ukrainian troops are continuing their offensive in Melitopol direction in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, bypassing minefields and advancing towards the second line of defense of the Russian Army.


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