Pope Francis praises Russian imperialism!


Aug 29

By now everyone should understand that Pope Francis is NOT a man of God but a morally bankrupt individual. The extent of his moral bankruptcy was again proven this week when he literally praised russia for its imperialism!

In his recent address to the russian Catholic youth, the Pope said: “Never forget your heritage. You are heirs of great Russia: great Russia of the saints, of the rulers, large Russia of Peter I, of Catherine II, of that empire – great, enlighten, of big culture and big humanity. Never reject that heritage.”

Can you believe it?! The man specifically praises russian imperialism and encourages young russians to follow the steps of Peter I and Catherine II.

This is the same Peter I whom russian literature’s icon, described as: “Nicolai the Punisher; horror of Russian history; syphilitic beast who for 25 years devastates people, executes, burns, buries alive in the ground; for amusement, beheads, blasphemes, rides with a semblance of a cross made from pipes in the shape of genital organs.”

Same with Catherine II, who was a murderer, usurper and authored the the most cruel slavery laws in russia. Famously described by another literature classic as “the whore of the entire world.”

Not to mention that Putin is using the examples of Peter I and Catherine II as a justification for genocide against Ukrainian people. And Pope wants for young russians to follow these examples. Sickening!

You could say that the Pope made a mistake but it has been a continuous behavior of moral bankruptcy for years.

Remember when Pope has asked a russian and a Ukrainian woman to carry the cross together. Then, he made a Ukrainian boy who escaped Mariupol stand up next to a russian boy whose brother enlisted in the russian army to kill Ukrainians.

Or when he equated the russian aggressor to their victim by openly praying for God to: “Bring enemies to a handshake so that they can taste mutual forgiveness.”

And, of course, his famous: “I have great respect for the Russian people, for Russian humanism.” He should visit Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Bakhmut and other Ukrainian cities to see true russian humanism.

For me, as a Christian, the position and the statements of Pope Francis are despicable and morally bankrupt. NO, the Pope is not a man of God. In fact, the role of antichrist fits him much better.

What a shame on the Catholic Church and everyone who still supports this morally bankrupt man.


  1. Unbelievable!
    The bastard is at it again!
    When putlerism is finally extirpated; please God, the homeland of this Godless fascist will undoubtedly become a refuge for putinaZis just as it was for the original nazis.

  2. What a PIS. And I was raised a Ukrainian Greek Catholic and have strong ties to the Catholic Church in Rome. But this is pure bullshit. My pastor is going to hear about this and he just lost a big donor to the church and school. Screw this Krill look a like.

    • Spelling correction and don’t want any confusion POPE =POS…PIECE OF SHIT! Vicar of Rome, descendent of Peter, my ass. Krill look a like is more like it.

    • When leaders of the church disappoint us, it’s important to remember our faith in not in them but in God. ALL have sinned and fall short of glory. We all like sheep went astray. Your church and the school you support, Sir CapW, may still be a worthwhile investment into God’s plans and purposes. I would encourage you to as you’ve said talk to your pastor, as well as pray and ask for God’s direction as to whether or not the support you are giving should be continued or reappropriated.

  3. This “pope” is a corrupt asshole, just like his buddy in moscow, the mafia priest Kirril.

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