Hospitals in Sevastopol overcrowded with wounded Russian soldiers

29.08.2023 06:33Hospitals in Sevastopol are overcrowded with wounded Russian soldiers, they are placed in the corridors and even in a dining room.

“Open sources inform that hospitals in Sevastopol are overcrowded with wounded Russian soldiers,” the Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reports.

As noted, the wounded are placed in the corridors and even a dining room. Accordingly, there is also a shortage of medical personnel.

Moreover, the Mission noted that the invaders continued to conduct training of the fleet for anti-submarine and sabotage support units in Kamysheva and Striletska bays and in the area of Cape Chersonese last week.

As emphasized, the occupiers invented a new way to protect the illegal Crimean Bridge.

Now they sink ferries to create a “defensive line” – one ferry has already been sunk, and at least five are planned to be sunk.

The Mission also reported that the ATESH movement activists last week recorded an intensified redeployment of military equipment by sea through the Kerch Strait.

The partisans also report on the location of a military base of the occupiers between Uyutne and Yevpatoria, where convoys of military equipment arrive en masse.

Also, the Russian Federation placed air defense systems there.As reported, Ukraine currently does not keep Crimea under the full fire control but can strike any part of the peninsula.



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