What Republicans Who Oppose Ukraine Get Wrong

Steven Moore succinctly lays out the case for why all-Americans, most especially Republicans, should be united in giving military aid to Ukraine.


  1. Good video that needs to be shown to those stuck in Putin’s rear end. Although I doubt it would make any difference to them, the hatred they have for Ukraine overpowers any logic and commonsense.

    • I disagree on the hatred for the average person, Westerner, for Ukraine. The western media brainwashes and has for decades. They make it personal and by party lines. Don’t you agree, foccusser?

  2. I agree on all supporting Ukraine.

    However, in 2014, 2005, 2004, 2010, many years before 2016, American Democrats did not support Ukraine, so lets not kid ourself. When I say Democrats, I’m talking about politicians.

    IT was the Democrats who disarmed Ukraine with Clinton, and disarmed us with Obama/Biden and even Obama in 2005 with the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, as Barack Obama, was a D from Illinois then.

    If you just look at the last few years, you’ll be misled by person’s intentional or lack of knowledge perceptions.

    • It’s way more complex. RuSSia did defacto control Ukraine since her independence. A revolt should have been backed by a strong army and Nato. Ukrainians, wonderful people they are, were naïve and keep paying the bitter price every day.

      • I was at the Orange Revolution in 2004 in a minor part and came late to the 2014 Maidan, Revolution of Dignity, but we are not naive about the issue’s at hand.

        It is the West you makes false promises and our corrupt politicians, like Kuchma, Yanukovych and Poroshenko, who fail to deliver and side with Ruzzia in more than one area.

        I agree to a point, but that is one factor why both incidents occurred. To demonstrate the country’s opposition siding with Ruzzia as we want to be more with the West.

  3. It has always been the American Democrat politicians who appease Putler the most and stop Ukraine from becoming part of NATO etc.

  4. It doesn’t look well for anyone’s IQ level, who must be told why it is right to support Ukraine and why it is wrong to do so with mafia land. Even a simple thing called common sense should be enough. Makes one question what sort of primates we have in high places. Reminds me a lot of monkeys with pistols.

      • I don’t know what happened to our Pentagon. Surely, Milley and Austin aren’t the sharpest knives in its drawer. We had much better…

        • I doubt any veteran would volunteer to observe the enemy at close quarters, if a drone was available. The source of this BS was another anonymous one from WaPo.

          • I wonder if this is the WP that invents such bullshit, or is it real info from the Pentagon.
            Anyhow, ground reconnaissance has its advantages, but I’m sure that the AFU knows best when and where to conduct such missions. Saving the lives of soldiers is top priority, and so I agree fully with their preference of using drones. Having said that, I suspect that we never see anything about AFU ground reconnaissance missions because this sort of info is too sensitive. This raises the question; doesn’t the Pentagon know this? If so, then what they’re saying is plain stupid, or there is someone inside who wants to be billy badass for the press, or the WP is inventing stories.

            • The same anonymous source also said the US can’t send ATACM’s because they would need them against China. Send them to Ukraine, the China problem would never arise.

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