Vivek Ramaswamy wants Elon Musk as his presidential adviser

Republican candidate says billionaire ‘put an X through Twitter, I’ll put a big X through the administrative state’


27 August 2023 • 7:09pm

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has pledged to bring in both Elon Musk and Donald Trump as advisers if he is elected.

The 38-year-old businessman, whose poll ratings have surged in the race for the Republican nomination since last week’s debate in Milwaukee, has promised to complete Mr Trump’s America First agenda and follow Mr Musk’s example by slashing government spending.

Tipped as Mr Trump’s potential running mate, Mr Ramaswamy said he would want to benefit from the former president’s experience.

“I will invite him as an adviser and a mentor. I don’t want to relearn the same lessons. I want to pick up where he left off in taking on the administrative state,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

Mr Musk, the billionaire owner of SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter, had shown how companies could be slimmed down, Mr Ramaswamy said.

“What he did at Twitter is a good example of what I want to do to the administrative state,” Mr Ramaswamy said in an interview on Fox News last week.

“Take out the 75 per cent of the dead weight cost, improve the actual experience of what it’s supposed to do.

“He put an X through Twitter, I’ll put a big X through the administrative state,” he added. “So, that’s where I’m at on common tactics with Elon.”

Elon Musk
Mr Ramaswamy said Mr Musk has shown how companies can be slimmed down CREDIT: REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/File Photo

Mr Ramaswamy has said he would shut down the Department of Education, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“Mass layoffs are absolutely what I will bring to the DC bureaucracy,” he said.

In the early stages of the campaign, Mr Musk threw his weight behind Ron DeSantis, hosting an interview with the Florida governor on his social media site.

But more recently, as Mr Ramaswamy has closed in on Mr DeSantis, Mr Musk has described him as “a very promising candidate”.

While Mr Ramaswamy has been gathering support among Republican supporters, Karl Rove, a veteran and widely respected party strategist, has voiced doubts.

He told radio talk show host John Catsimatidis that he found Mr Ramaswamy’s debate performance robotic.

“Representative of that was his comment that everybody else on the stage was bought and paid for, which I thought was so over-the-top that it was representative of his mindset of I’m the only perfect person on the stage,’” he said.


  1. And there you have it: the Russia dream ticket : three of the biggest cunts in America conspiring to enable genocide.

    • Maybe so, but this article actually says nothing about RamAssWhammy’s stance towards Russia or the war. His brownnosing of Putin-friendly Musk seems suspicious, but it would have been good to read more about his foreign policy attitude here. All in all, I don’t see what this story has to do with UKRAINE Today.

  2. Ram-ass-wamy is a goober and he will never see the inside of the White House. Except maybe as a janitor.

  3. trump as an advisor???????????

    musk has trimmed down Companies to save money, but experience has shown time and again that only failing Companies need to trim down to save money, then once you trim down you go down.
    Flawed economics.

    Welcome to the untied strands of America (moskovia dept.)

  4. I’m aware that some editors are sympathizing with US Republicans, but still, could we have less of these primary election stories, please? After all, the name of this news site is UKRAINE Today and there already is US Today. When candidates say or do something with relevance to the war, that’s newsworthy, of course, but we readers really don’t need to be alerted of every singly questionable move by one of the hopeful bunch running for presidency. Stay on the topic, please!

    • Just to be clear : Are you wanting a “land for peace” deal, or do you want Ukraine to recover its legal borders?
      You seem to be the only one on this site who is unaware that Ram-ass-wamy has a very clear policy on Ukraine: an end to all aid. Google it. You might want also to Google the hateful lies he is peddling about Ukraine too.
      Trump has made the same pledge.
      DeSantis also.
      There is, according to the bookies, a 50-50 chance of a Trump presidency.
      Biden shades it at the moment, but it’s too close to call.
      There is a a good chance of a Trump-Ramaswamy ticket next year, with Musk being roped in as an “advisor.”
      Since all three have published almost identical “peace plans”, which bear a strong resemblance to that of putler, I’d say that such a grave existential threat represents very important information for Ukraine and its supporters.
      Until or unless the GOP selects a sensible candidate who actually has some compassion for Ukraine, like Haley, it is a sacred duty to report what these dangerous hate-mongers say.
      Ditto another whack-job: RFK Jr.

      • There is no such thing as a ukrainian ‘victory’ against a superior evil enemy. All Ukraine could try is, in case all necessary arms are provided, retake all occupied territories and receive Nato membership the same day it was achieved. Otherwise the ruSSians will push back in against a (then) wasted ukrainian army and march straight to Kyiv. Does anybody in Washington, Nato, and even Kyiv have a realistic plan? I’m not so sure sometimes.

        • GG wants us somehow to think that reporting on the activities of Ramaswamy, Trump, DeSantis, RFK Jr, Carlson etc is somehow outside the purview of UT, when the exact opposite is the case.
          Ukraine has only one option available: the full restoration of its legal borders.

          • Yes, but Ukraine cannot defend the liberated territories no more without instant Nato membership after a successful operation.

            • Or the Budapest signatories, plus Poland and maybe one or two more, could unilaterally provide exactly the same security guarantee as Nato membership.

      • I’m for Ukraine to recover ALL of its territory,but concerned that too much coverage of the US primaries may polarize the readership. I don’t like any of those candidates (if you say Haley’s the best of them, I don’t doubt that), but at least the GOP has a choice, while on the Dem side, ole fossile Biden may run unopposed. Only good that there’s still more than a year left until the general election. If we’re all lucky, the war may have ended by then, with a complete defeat of Russia! Hell, the Russians may even surprise us with a revolution against Putin, who knows?

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