Ukrainian defenders showed how accurately they hit a unique target in the Kherson region (video)

Larisa Kozova19:06, 28.08.232 minutes.112

Recently, a “top secret” novelty was sent to the temporarily occupied Kherson region in order to track the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian defenders demonstrated how the reactive forces of the Southern Defense Forces accurately hit a unique target. 

We are talking about the “Limit-E” complex, which the Russian invaders call a mobile coastal radar station for over-the-horizon detection with increased secrecy.“

This is exactly how the new product of their military-industrial complex “Limit-E” was ambitiously and pompously presented by the Russians to a narrow circle of specialists in June of this year. by land,” the Defense Forces said .

It is noted that the exclusive “Limit-E” also covered a fairly modern Leer-2 electronic warfare complex, but the Ukrainian defenders figured out the target. Armed Forces of Ukraine showed how they destroyed the unique radar station of the Russians

“And already in August, our soldiers fried a unique development worth 200 million US dollars to smithereens, together with a defender complex. This is now the Russians’ “limit” of opportunities in southern Ukraine,” the Ukrainian military said.

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  1. Zelensky refuses elections without US/EU financial support. Bunker boy is afraid of Petro and Yulia in my view.

    • Of course not, his popularity is going through the roof.
      If there would be any elections he would win then hands down.

    • I don’t know why you’re trouncing around on Zelensky like that, Mike. I don’t see much reason to do so. But, whatever turns your crank…

      • Under Poroshenko, a military man, this mess would never have happened. But the unexperienced non-military clowne was easy going for Putin.

          • Poro couldn’t affect the weakness showed by the West since the annexation of Crimea. That’s why Putler invaded in 2022, because of the shambles in Afghanistan.

            • Right. The problem rests solely on the shoulders of the West. It’s their weakness that encouraged the rat to attack.

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