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New behind-the-scenes details of the dramatic days leading up to the war in Ukraine have become known.

Vladimir Putin shocked the world in February 2022 when he attacked Ukraine and threatened to wipe the neighboring country from the world map. 

The leaders of the Western world tried to dissuade the Kremlin warmonger , including Chancellor Olaf Scholz.Journalist Stéphane Lambie got a glimpse of the phone conversations between Scholz and Macron, who exchanged views on Putin on March 4, 2022, the ninth day of full-scale war in Ukraine. Lambie describes this conversation in his new book “Emergency Management in Wartime,” writes Bild .

What Scholz and Macron discussed about Putin

During the conversation, Macron asked Scholz how his conversation with Putin went, to which the German chancellor replied: “It won’t get better.

Something worries me more than negotiations: he (Putin) does not complain about all the sanctions.

I don’t know if he did this during a conversation with you. But he didn’t even mention sanctions,” Scholz said then. Macron replied: “And with me too.

“The German chancellor also lamented that Putin only told him about his view of Ukraine.”He told me about all his ideas on how to find a compromise. He talked about demilitarization, denazification …

And he asked me to recognize Crimea as part of Russia. And the independence of these republics. Nothing new, frankly,” Scholz said.︎Scholz also noted that he tried to organize a summit meeting.

“When I asked him if sooner or later there should be a meeting on Ukraine with you, with me, with Zelensky and with him (Putin), he did not completely refuse. However, he named two conditions. Firstly, for a ceasefire there should not be no reason.

Then he just talked about the three of us: about you, me and him. Without Zelensky,” Scholz told Macron.According to Scholz, Putin also voiced conspiracy theory ideas.

“Then he said that the Ukrainian delegation went to Poland because they want to talk to the leadership of the United States to get their instructions…

” Then Scholz laughed and concluded: “Something like that. That’s it.

“Macron replied: “Thank you, it was very similar to the conversation I had with him yesterday. I think he is now very determined to go to the end. The nature and brutality of his television message, as well as all the initiatives that he took in talks with civilian organizations in Russia over the past few hours are of great concern.To put it bluntly.

“It is noted that it was clear to Scholz and Macron that Putin had become radical and behaved unpredictably.

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  1. I only remember Pisskopf talking to Zelensky shortly before the full-scale invasion on the phone. Pisskopf asked Zelensky ‘Is there anything you still want to talk about?’. Pisskopf was referring to the Crimea. Zelensky stayed silent, did not respond. Then the horror started. As much as i do understand Zelensky’s reaction from a patriotic point of view, he totally ignored the military odds, in particular insufficient military back up by Nato. It was a bold move no doubt, but it could turn lethal as long as Nato won’t unleash full force on Muscovy and supply Ukraine with all arms necessary.

  2. Scholz and Macron were and largely still remain political pigmies with very little integrity, running large economies that once were fully integrated into Russia and still would be given half a chance. One difference now is that Scholz is pulling his weight in terms of military support. France most decidedly isn’t.
    Putler has multiple options. Ukraine has only one.
    I have sometimes stated that in Zel’s position, in the run up to the putler holocaust, I would have gifted Crimea to the rodent dictator to stave off the full scale invasion.
    But in fact I was wrong. It is now absolutely obvious that only thing that would have stopped the little monster at that point was Ukraine’s total surrender.
    That is still putler’s position. Sure he would stop now if all the territory he currently occupies was ceded to him and guarantees about no prosecutions and no reparations were given. Which is pretty much the position also of the three leading GOP contenders, as it happens.
    But the Ukrainians know that it would just be a limited pause while putler prepares for the next onslaught.
    The Ukrainians have no option but to press on until ALL their legal territory is liberated from putinaZi savages. Barring a miracle, that is not achievable without vastly increased assistance from the allies.
    God willing, once achieved, “operation porcupine” would kick into place : a semi-permanent Korea-type demilitarized zone, massive air defence systems, permanent Budapest signatories’ bases, a large modern air force, a navy and ideally an independent nuclear deterrent.

  3. “It is noted that it was clear to Scholz and Macron that Putin had become radical and behaved unpredictably.”

    That’s because the rodent knew what sniffling amateurs he had in Paris, Berlin … and Washington. If there was one Churchill, or Reagan, or Kennedy, the rat would never have started this war. So, the frog and the kraut knew what an evil bastard they were dealing with, yet didn’t do what they could to help Ukraine. France, to this day, is still hiding under its desk.

  4. if Obama had enforced the red lines in Syria and if the German gas policy had been different there would have been no aggression.
    but you Americans are never responsible for anything!
    you are true saints, honest people, life teaches you nothing!

    France stood ready to enforce the red line and it did not suck up fascism by chaining itself upstream and downstream with dictatorships. Germany makes reparations to Ukraine (and only to Ukraine) when France or other countries give. There is nothing to compare.

    I would add that England provided only 14 challengers and not 28 as Forbes and Scadgel said, who do not bother with intellectual honesty.

    moreover, Macron said recently that Europe should be more autonomous and that its aid to Ukraine should not depend on US domestic policy.

    Scadgel does not hesitate to approach the truth and the complexity of things, the context of the chronology you will only be a better man. we are always his first victim.

    (and by the way Churchill has many faces, he has his dark side too)
    there are also rumors of armaments that I will not relay here given the unfriendly or even malevolent attitude of some on the one hand and on the other hand that Westerners are too talkative… we will see what was under office.

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