Details Of Prigozhin’s Secret Instruction, Drawn Up In Case Of Death

The head of PMC Wagner should become “Lotus”.


The founder of the private military company “Wagner”, Yevgeny Prigozhin, once drew up a secret instruction with an algorithm of PMC actions in various scenarios. Even with the elimination of the entire top mercenaries – Prigozhin, Utkin, Chekalov.

According to the recommendations, the commander with the call sign “Lotus” should become the leader of Wagner. This is reported by the VCHK-OGPU telegram channel, which is close to the Russian security forces.

“According to the algorithms of this instruction, after the confirmation of the death of the ringleaders, the acting head of the PMC became the commander with the call sign “Lotus”. This can be announced immediately after the funeral of Prigozhin and “Lotus” will come out of the shadows”, – stated in the message.

The source also said that when the vast majority of mercenaries left Belarus, it was announced to the commanders in strict secrecy that the holiday would last 3 weeks, and then most of the group would go to Africa. In particular, the most combat-ready units of 5 and 10 COs would land in Libya and Mali respectively.

But because of Prigozhin’s liquidation, there is no talk of that now. The grouping in Africa is in a state of uncertainty and fear for its fate. It is predicted that all the mercenaries there will join the Russian Ministry of Defence.


  1. “It is predicted that all the mercenaries there will join the Russian Ministry of Defence.”

    If they are smart, which they probably aren’t, they will accept the offer from the Free Russians and join them to fight against mafia land. If not, they will be tossed into the meat grinder just like the regular slaves.

    • It all depends on the exact conditions of that last will. If Wagner owns the lucrative contracts with the African nations, Lotus can pay his fighters and resist Russian attempts of takeover. Then the regime would have to fight Wagner to get it under control, and that would become a fine mess.

  2. Do we really need any more stories about this terrorist? He’s history, let’s move on. The media can’t be short of things to write about, surely!

    • I am still hoping that either he shows up alive, or a kompromat he had on putler shows up. Both scenarios would ruin the rat’s mood for a very long time.

      • You would expect that Prickhozin would have something stashed away on Putler, but would it make any difference? russia would claim it’s fake made up by the CIA, and that would be that.

        • No doubt about it. But, a lot of potential damage it could cause depends on what this kompromat is compromised of.

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