Trump Raised Over $7 Million For “His” Election Via Prison Merchandise

Veronika Prokhorenko12:29, 08/27/232 minutes.33

We are talking about donations that the former US president received for the new election campaign.

Former US leader Donald Trump has raised more than $7 million in donations in a new bid to lead America by selling off his prison merchandise.

We are talking about souvenirs with a photograph of Trump, which the politician was forced to take in a Georgia state prison during a formal arrest on August 25, Politico notes . 

Then a well-known businessman, due to his arrest, created a real resonance in the network. He filed this, as the only US president in 243 years to have such a police station photo in his arsenal, on the social network ” X ” (formerly Twitter). 

As of last Friday, the Trump campaign has reportedly raised about $4.18 million in related sales. 

This is a record figure in the history of the United States, when such a merch has collected so many donations. 

Now, as part of “earnings” for the election campaign, Trump sells T-shirts, stickers, posters and other souvenirs with his “historical” photo. 

The cost of production – from 12 to 34 dollars. In just the past three weeks, Trump has raised nearly $20 million “for the election.” This is more than half of what the Trump campaign managed to raise in the first seven months of this year, Politico points out.

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  1. Trump has massive support because he’s not a member of the elite ruling class in Washington – that class of slimy, self-serving, career politicians like the Bidens & Obamas & Clintons & Bushs & Pelosis & Romneys & … The ruling class can’t tolerate interference from ordinary, working class, deplorable Americans. This is class warfare, plain and simple. If you hate Trump then you hate the many tens of millions of hard-working, America-loving people that support him because they are fed up with business as usual in Washington. Before you attack me for this, realise I don’t care from which class you come.

  2. Trump’s policies from 2016 to 2020, were better than most, if not all, Presidents in most recent time in America. War in the world was limited. Now look at the world.

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