“This policy has failed”: Szijjarto called sanctions against the Russian Federation “military psychosis”

Marta Gichko08:21, 08/27/232 minutes.2232

He said that the world allegedly “laughs at the sanctions” against Russia.

Hungarian Foreign Minister  Péter Szijjártó said that sanctions against Russia because of the full-scale war against Ukraine are ineffective. 

According to  Telex , he said this during a speech at the Transit festival. According to Hungary’s chief diplomat, Europe has taken the path of “globalization of war” rather than “localization.” Szijjártó said that “some European politicians are in a military psychosis.

“The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that Budapest knows who the aggressor is, but did not mention the Russians, but “in this war, no one is fighting for us, and everyone is fighting for himself.” 

According to him, the United States “pushed Europe to rivalry” over who and to what extent will help Ukraine, and with this “we are literally destroying Europe.

On the other hand, Szijjarto actually supported the Kremlin’s theses on “freezing” the conflict, repeating the government’s position that “the war must end at this moment.”

“The policy of sanctions has failed … the whole world laughs at the policy of European sanctions,” Szijjártó said.

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    And, what does the EU and NATO do about it? Exactly, as usual … absolutely nothing.

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    Well, we know Russia is surely dangling future cheap energy for the support. So I guess Hungarians are whores.

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