SBU counterintelligence reached Russian aircraft at the Kursk airfield

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The special operation was carried out today, on the night of August 27th. The territory was attacked from the UAV.

On the night of August 27, SBU counterintelligence carried out a special operation on the Russian airfield in Kursk. 

At the time of the attack, there were air defense systems and part of the Russian aviation fleet.

This was reported by RBC Ukraine , citing sources in the Security Service of Ukraine. 

They specified that 16 UAVs were launched at the Kursk airfield. The task was carried out by counterintelligence officers from the 13th Main Directorate of the department.

“16 kamikaze drones worked on four Su-30 and one MiG-29 aircraft. Also among the targets hit were radars of the S-300 complex and two Pantsirs,” the message says.

The SBU believes that almost all drones have reached their target. 

Russian air defense was probably able to “catch” only three UAVs. 

Statements by Russia itself testified in favor of this: at least 13 explosions were reported there. “Bavovna” turned out to be impressive,” the SBU summed up.

They promised that Ukrainians would soon learn about all the losses of the enemy as part of a special operation. 

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