Ramaswamy Goes Scorched Earth On ‘Random,’ ‘Anti-Democratic’ Ukraine, Faces Foreign Policy Skepticism In Iowa



  1. More venomous hatred from the pipsqueak putlerite turd-arse:

    “Vivek Ramaswamy derided the Ukrainian president as “some kind of Pied Piper from Hamelin in cargo pants” and bashed the war-torn country as “random” and “anti-democratic” during a campaign swing in Iowa on Saturday, digging in as he comes under mounting scrutiny for his foreign policy views.”

    And :

    “You’re slow bleeding all of us, including your own people, who are innocently dying into a war that’s not going to end well,” Ramaswamy told reporters when asked how he’d deal with Zelenskyy, a former comedian. “You’re not going to chain gang us into some war because it’s in your incentive to do so. You can continue doing your comedy sets.” 

    • “During his Saturday show on channel Solovyov Live, Yevgeny Satanovsky continued the same train of thought, lionizing Trump alongside some of the most prominent historic figures: “He is like Nelson Mandela, like Martin Luther King Jr., he is being persecuted by an evil shadow government!” Satanovsky feverishly claimed that Trump might be assassinated, like Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy.”


    • Julia Davis

      “The last time, we had installed President Trump for Americans, but our bet didn’t quite work out. Why not try again?” one Russian host said about Vivek Ramaswamy.

  2. “Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov pointed out, “What’s most important—the most telling moment—did you hear the excitement in the audience when Ramaswamy said he wouldn’t support continued U.S. aid to Ukraine? There was an ovation in the auditorium! This shows that Ukraine will certainly experience problems!”

    What a gift to the kremkrapper nazis.

  3. Ram-ass-swamy is another example of a bacterium in our diseased Western politics. It has no mechanisms in place to stop arsonists like him from wreaking havoc in our of democratic values and systems. A large part of why so many people are virtually ignoring his extremely dangerous foreign policy is the lack of communication of the Biden administration with the American people over why we are helping Ukraine. It only adds fuel to the arsonist’s fire.

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