Minus 14 invaders: in Crimea, Russian soldiers died for Putin without leaving the barracks

Elena Kovalenko16:54, 08/27/232 minutes.10

In Crimea, 14 Russian soldiers were found dead in one of the military units.

In the occupied Crimea not far from Evpatoria, 14 Russian soldiers were found dead in one of the military units .

According to the RosTG-channel, citing its sources in the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces and the so-called “government” of Crimea, the invaders were stabbed to death while sleeping.

“According to sources, the military were killed in their sleep – unknown saboteurs killed some with blows to the heart, others cut their throats.

Nobody can understand how the criminals bypassed the guards and got into the barracks.

There is reason to think that the same saboteurs committed a new crime, as in Sevastopol. Their search is underway,” the message says.

In public, they note that shortly before the emergency near Evpatoria in the Crimea, a battle took place with “saboteurs” who landed on Cape Tarkhankut.

Telegram screenshot
Telegram screenshot

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  1. Very interesting.
    A death for orcs in their barracks is the best kind of death for them and for Ukraine.

  2. We all knew by who and what training was given and is given, it can’t really come as much surprise that other training was given to suitable people.
    It is good that they now know they cannot be safe even somewhere which should be.

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