“Invisible to the radar”: in the Russian Federation they whined because of the drones with which the SBU attacked the airfield in Kursk

Angela Bachevskaya21:17, 27.08.232 minutes.422

In May, it became known that Ukraine received hundreds of drones from the Australian company SYPAQ.

During the attack on a military airfield in Russian Kursk, Ukraine used Australian SYPAQ drones. 

This opinion is published by the Fighterbomber telegram channel close to the Russian Aerospace Forces .

Propaganda public of the terrorist country notes that these drones are made entirely of wax-impregnated paper and rubber bands, which makes them almost invisible to radar systems (RLS).

He notes that such UAVs can carry 4-5 kilograms of cargo in the kamikaze version. 

“Tonight, the Ukrainians used a bunch of them, mixed with drones with a warhead and empty drones,” the message says.

t is also noted that these drones can be equipped with electric motors. 

And, they say, if the UAVs that attacked Kursk were equipped with such engines, this means that “they were not launched from Ukraine.”

The TG channel also said that “standard protection” was installed at the attacked Kursk airfield. “Jammers for GPS signal, Starlink frequencies and known drone control frequencies.

Machine guns with tracers and night vision scopes and heat guns. Searchlights. And of course gabions, sandbags and nets where possible,” the statement said.

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