Ukrainian Army Leveled Russian army headquarters (video)


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  1. Such strikes are great, inflicting serious damage on russian command capabilities. In a very top down, hierarchical system like the Russian Army, that will have far reaching consequences. However, what I’m missing is the follow up on such strikes. Shouldn’t the AFU immediately exploit the sudden disruption on the russian side, by attacking those units which are temporarily left without superior command? Don’t artillery units and combat brigades coordinate their missions? Or is this happening, but simply not reported?

      • Sometimes it used by people with impairments, but I too share your distrust of it due to manipulation by bad actors with nefarious intent.

    • Some of these strikes are rather deep into rashist occupied territory so may not lead to an immediate ability to get to the orcs is a state of disarray. More shaping of battlefield and cutting off support and logistics to areas AFU are working on the de-occupation. I’m sure when possible coordinating efforts are being learned and implemented. Yes, in spite of a wealth of information some of it although happening, is being delayed or not reported due to the dynamics of the ongoing war.

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