Russian forces fighting in Robotyne area with no rotations and no reinforcements – ISW

26 AUGUST 2023

Ukrainian troops pressed forward with counteroffensive operations near the village of Robotyne in western Zaporizhzhia Oblast on 25 August, as Russian “military bloggers” expressed concern over the lack of reinforcements and rotation in the area, a daily report from the Institute for the Study of War said.

Source: ISW

Details: The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Ukrainian forces secured unspecified advances in the areas of the settlements of Novodanylivka-Novopokrovka (5-13 km south of the city of Orikhiv) and the settlements of Mala Tokmachka-Ocheretuvate (9-25 km southeast of Orikhiv).

A prominent Russian “military blogger” has expressed concern over the capability of combat-weary Russian troops to stand up to possible future attacks from Ukraine in the area of Robotyne (10km south of Orikhiv) amid claims that the fighting has shifted to the southern part of Robotyne. He alleged that many Russian soldiers fighting near Robotyne have been on the battlefield since the start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and that these units are struggling with a lack of reinforcements on the contact line.

This report confirms ISW’s assessment of Russian troops fighting in western Zaporizhzhia Oblast as having been resisting Ukrainian attacks since the start of the counteroffensive without rotation or substantial reinforcements.

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  1. It would be good to have an opportunity to take advantage of the enemy being fatigued before he has a chance to address the situation. Not saying that the cockroach generals give a crap for their tired meat puppets. They might just send more drugs to keep them awake. Or, they might make preparations to send in reinforcements once enough fresh meat puppets have been accumulated. Now is the time to strike, and to strike hard.

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