Russia Preparing for New Push in Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian General Says

Russia is getting ready to go on the offensive again in the Moscow-controlled eastern part of Ukraine, said Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, commander of the Ukrainian military’s ground forces.

“After a month of fierce fighting and significant losses in the Kupiansk and Lyman directions, the enemy is regrouping its forces and means, simultaneously throwing newly formed brigades and divisions from the territory of the Russian Federation,” Syrskyi said Friday on his Telegram channel.

Syrskyi said Russian forces were trying to “increase the level of combat potential and resume active offensive operations.” He did not provide details but said the Russians continued heavy artillery and mortar shelling as well as air assaults.

“Under such conditions, we must promptly take all measures to strengthen our defenses on the threatened lines and advance where possible,” the general said.

The British Defense Ministry said Saturday in its daily intelligence report on Ukraine that there is a “realistic possibility” of Russia increasing the intensity of its offensive in Kupiansk and Lyman over the next two months. The ministry said Russia’s probable objective in the region will be to advance west to the Oskil River and create a buffer zone around Luhansk oblast.

Kupiansk, a town with a prewar population around 27,000, was seized by Russia in the early days of the February 2022 invasion before Ukrainian troops recaptured it in a lightning offensive in September that embarrassed Moscow.

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  1. Defeating RuSSia without the desperately needed arms and refusing to negotiate is a death sentence for Ukraine. By no means i want to demotivate all the brave Ukrainian soldiers, but Zelensky played Poker going All In without having the tools to achieve victory in advance.

  2. With Prigo killed, Nemtsov killed, Khodorkovsky exiled and Navalny imprisoned Putler is now even stronger…

  3. So what happened to the 100,000 troops and 900 tanks that russia reportedly had in the Kupiansk area a couple of months ago?

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