Prigozhin was killed at the end of June: the expert voiced an unexpected version

Ekaterina Girnyk03:54, 08/26/234 min.9286

The plane crash was used to “legalize” his death.

Former illegal spy Sergei Zhirnov put forward his own version of the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin , saying that the Wagnerian was killed immediately after an unsuccessful coup attempt, and the plane crash was used to “legalize” his death.“

My main working version is that Prigozhin was killed right after the putsch. Somewhere at the end of June, and for a month and a half we were fed with fairy tales, photographs edited … who wanted to confirm that Prigozhin was still alive … And then it was necessary to legalize his death, and in this catastrophe Prigozhin’s death was legalized,” the expert said. 

In his opinion, the plane did indeed contain the bodies of Prigozhin and Utkin, who was also killed immediately along with Prigozhin. 

Their bodies could be put in the cargo compartment, and then “whether there was a rocket explosion, or it is not clear what, and as a result, everyone died and now they can be legalized.”

The expert drew attention to the fact that hints that Prigozhin was dead were in Putin’s words after the meeting in the Kremlin with Prigozhin.”Then Putin and Peskov explained that Wagner himself proposed a new person, but two people – Utkin and Prigozhin – did not agree with this case.

Thus, Putin immediately launched the idea that you have two bad people, and all the rest are good,” – he said.The expert is also sure that all recorded videos with Prigogine are easy to falsify with modern technical methods.

He noted that the recordings in Belarus were filmed at night and it is difficult to identify Prigozhin on them, and the voice can also be faked using modern technology. 

In addition, the expert drew attention to the latest video of Prigozhin from Africa, and pointed out that a man in 50 degrees of heat in full gear “does not have a drop of sweat, his skin does not shine at all.”

Why did they wait so long to legalize the death of Prigogine

Regarding why they waited two months to legalize Prigozhin’s death, the expert noted that, firstly, it was necessary to disarm and calm the “Wagnerites” and divide their formation into parts so that they did not pose a threat.

And also, according to the expert, it was technically necessary to transfer all of Prigozhin’s assets to other Putin’s proxies.

“And when the whole thing was over and when everyone calmed down and everyone believed that everything was fine, then it was necessary to legalize the death of Prigozhin and Utkin and implemented it.

Plus they chose symbols, because 23 is exactly two months after the rebellion, plus Putin was on the Kursk Bulge, with an orchestra with fireworks, it was beautifully arranged,” the expert summed up

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  1. This reminds me of Putler and his many diseases, that he’s really dead, that he has X amount of doppelgängers, that he’s really an alien…

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