Planes collided in Zhytomyr region, three pilots died, – media

Irina Pogorelaya15:26, 26.08.231 min.4867Among the dead is a pilot with the call sign “Juice”.

In the Zhytomyr region last night there was a collision of two aircraft, resulting in the death of three pilots.According to the Ukrainian Pravda publication , citing its own sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, L-39 training aircraft collided in the Zhytomyr region, three pilots died.

The press service of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the official comment would be later, given certain circumstances and the ongoing investigation, which is being conducted by the State Bureau of Investigation.It became known that pilot Andrei Pilshchikov with the call sign “Dzhus” was among the dead. 

His death was confirmed by his friend Pavel Kiss. “You dreamed about the F-16 and waited for the news about their transfer. You loved your bird and literally lived in the sky,” he wrote on the social network.

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  1. That’s so sad. Fighter pilots should fall in combat with the enemy, if at all, not in such accidents. That’s a bitter loss for Ukraine. RiP.
    One more point: That call sign “Juice” sounds familiar. Didn’t he fly the Mig-29 in the defence of Kiew last year? There’s youtube videos about a guy with that name. Had he become flight instructor, to pass on his experiences? Gerojam slava!

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