We Stand By Ukraine

Canela Lisa Paris Wray-Diaz

Aug 25

🇺🇦A year and a half of full-scale invasion… Almost ten years of the Ukrainian-russian war…

Out of 32 years of Ukraine’s independence, one third of it has been spent fighting a cruel, impudent and aggressive neighbour. But over the years, we have also deeply realised that our country is strong, unbreakable, and united.

Our people are all Heroes. Heroes who have stood, are standing and will continue to stand for the freedom, liberty, independence of Ukraine.

With our new Independence Day project, we want to support the movement to recognise and honour the Heroes of the New and Old Wars. We must know, remember and honour these names.

These are only a small part of our Heroes. There are hundreds, thousands of them! Those who gave their lives for the Motherland and those who are fighting today so that we can say tomorrow: “Yes! I am from Ukraine! The country of brave, free and independent people!”.

🇺🇦Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!
Eternal memory and honour to the fallen!


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