“Wagnerivtsi” will go against Moscow: a fighter of the “Freedom of Russia” Legion predicts turmoil in the Russian Federation

Kateryna Schwartz19:25, 08/25/233 min.16

Mercenaries are capable of shaking Putin’s regime, a confident representative of the legion.

After the death of the leader of the “Wagner” PMK Yevgeny Prigozhin and his two deputies, the mercenaries for the first time presented claims to the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin. Deceived militants can seriously shake his regime. This opinion was expressed in an interview with UNIAN by the deputy commander of the “Freedom of Russia” Legion for military-civilian cooperation with the call sign “Caesar”.

“One should not discount the “Wagners” who made the statement, who decided that they had been deceived, betrayed. And, note, if earlier they had no claims against Putin, but only against Shoigu and Gerasimov, now they said that the main culprit is a Kremlin dwarf,” he noted.

According to him, regardless of the format in which the “Wagner team” will play against Moscow, it will bring great confusion and accelerate the victory of Ukraine:

“Whether it will be a 2:0 March of Justice campaign, whether it will be an attempt to seize some region and impose its own system of governance there, whether it will be the return of the Wagners to Russia and the creation of small and large gangs – all this will destabilize the situation, all of this will require enormous resources from the Kremlin to suppress, and again, this will work to our advantage.”

The fighter does not rule out that some “Wagnerians” will begin to understand who their real enemy is, and the “Freedom of Russia” Legion is ready to negotiate with them:”Perhaps it will come to their consciousness that they should join us, that they should wash away the shame with which they covered themselves with blood, that they should try to fight for a bright future and win back their place in it.

So, I do not exclude all of this. .. Yes, these people fought against Ukraine, they killed Ukrainians, but if at some point it occurs to them that they can speed up the end of this war, that they can punish the perpetrators, then we will give them such an opportunity.

We do not close the door.

We always called on the Russian opposition, appealed to the Russian security forces: let’s quickly stop the bloodshed and destroy the evil.””Caesar” also believes in the potential for a change of attitude among the Russian military and that sooner or later they will see the light of day and join their ranks.

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  1. “Wagnerivtsi will go against Moscow”
    I can only hope so, but, as usual, I will believe it when they carry it out.

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