“Ukrainian Armored Technology” delivered the first thousands of 122-mm ammunition to the Armed Forces (photo)

The first batch of thousands of high-explosive high-explosive artillery shells of 122 mm caliber produced by EU countries in cooperation with the Ukrainian Armored Technology company was delivered to Ukraine.

This is reported in the press service of the manufacturer.The production of shots with a full charge continues in partnership with one of the ammunition holdings of Eastern Europe.

Photo: LLC “Ukrainian Armored Technology”

These ammunitions are intended for towed artillery guns D-30 and self-propelled artillery installations 2S1 “Carnation”.

“122 mm high-explosive shells are effective in hitting enemy positions, defense lines and armored vehicles. Providing our gunners with such shots is the key to the success of the Counteroffensive,” the company’s press service notes.

New shells of 122-mm caliber. Photo: LLC “Ukrainian Armored Technology”

It is noted that it was possible to launch the production of ammunition thanks to the restoration of commercial ties and by uniting manufacturers of components for shots from various European countries.



  1. “The first batch of thousands of high-explosive high-explosive artillery…”

    A double high explosive ammunition! Cool!

    Seriously now, this is great news. It’s also amazing that Ukraine is capable of such achievements, being in a full-blown war. Well done!

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