The graves of the Wagnerites were demolished near Samara, the site is being filled with concrete (photo, video)

Yury Kobzar15:20, 25.08.232 min.

They decided to redo the most famous cemetery of the “Wagners” so that there are no individual graves on it.

After the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the cemeteries where the “Wagner Group” mercenaries killed in Ukraine are buried have already begun to be demolished in Russia.As “Samara Online” writes , all the graves were demolished at the cemetery in the village of Nikolaevka, where several hundred “Wagnerians” are buried, and where Prigozhin personally opened the memorial stele.

“Crosses and wreaths have been piled up, machinery is working, burial mounds have been razed to the ground,” local residents told the newspaper. ©©©©©©©©©©©© 63.ru1 / 6

It is claimed that the cemetery is planned to be renovated. 

Instead of rows of individual graves with earthen mounds and crosses above each of them, there will be a flat platform filled with concrete, with black pyramids above each burial.

The project of the new look of the cemetery / photo
The project of the new look of the cemetery / photo

However, the surviving mercenaries are clearly unaware of what is happening and are already recording outrageous videos.

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