Swarm Of Drones Carry Out Most Massive Attack On Russian Federation Bases In Crimea Since Start Of War

The occupiers were attacked by 42 drones.


On the night of 25 August, occupied Crimea was subjected to a massive drone strike. The invaders reported that more than 40 UAVs were detected there.

Eyewitnesses reported the sounds of UAVs flying over, calling them “mosquitoes”, and loud explosions in several areas at once.

This was reported by local Telegram channels, publishing relevant footage, Ukrainian media reported.

According to eyewitnesses, explosions at different times were heard in Simferopol and the area of the villages of Krasnovka and Berehove. It was also loud in Gvardeyske, Cape Meganom and Tarkhankut.


Some claimed that at least 17 UAVs flew over the village of Berehove from 02:00 to 03:10. The sound characteristic of drones can be heard on the videos published online.

“There are a lot of mosquitoes in the sky on the Crimea tonight. There are military units not far away,” one of the propagandists’ reports said about loud sounds near the village of Krasnovka (Simferopol district).

The occupation “authorities” claimed the “destruction” of several UAVs over the sea. At the same time, they confirm that explosions were heard in occupied Sevastopol on the night of 25 August.In particular, Sevastopol’s gauleiter Mikhail Razvozhayev claimed that the drones flew to them as well, but according to preliminary data, the Russian military “neutralised” them in the area of Cape Chersonese.

There were reportedly at least 7 powerful explosions in Sevastopol. They were heard in different areas of the city.

“Air defence means detected 42 unmanned aerial vehicles” said the statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

In particular, the flight of drones was heard in the sky above the Simferopol district and Simferopol itself. Eyewitnesses reported that the work of air defence on drones heard in the area of Cape Chersonese.

In addition, the users of the network wrote that they heard the sound of a missile flying over the village of Krasnovka, in the vicinity of which are located military units of the Russian Federation.


Residents of Krasnovka also report that military lorries with food and fuel stood near the village for a day. The drone strike allegedly occurred there, but hit a residential house with shrapnel.

“There’s a big commotion in the Russian military,” eyewitnesses said.

“The sounds of explosions were heard in the area from Simferopol to Perevalne. It’s also loud on Tarkhankut. Locals claim a large number of drones in the sky this night,” the Crimean Wind telegram channel reported.

The attack has become the most massive since the start of the war. Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry’s reports did not include a figure of over 40 drones.


  1. VERY nice! The Army of Drones is working!
    That’ll convince even more cockroaches to scurry back to the shithole they came from. I can’t wait to see what damages were done.

  2. “Air defence means detected 42 unmanned aerial vehicles” said the statement of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

    Of course you did. Yet the orc air defences can’t detect drones flying to Moscow.

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