Strike on the 126th brigade in Crimea: Russia lost dozens of soldiers and ammunition

Lesya Leshchenko22:12, 25.08.232 min.207

According to UNIAN sources, the drones successfully targeted the occupiers.

Ukraine struck the Russian 126th Separate Coast Guard Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet in the village of Perevalne (occupied Crimea).As a source in the SBU informed UNIAN, this was a joint special operation of the military counter-intelligence of the Security Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The drones successfully worked against the occupiers. Their exact number is not mentioned, but it is noted that it was a group of drones. 

“At the moment, we can definitely talk about several dozen Russians killed and wounded. Ammunition storage facilities were also hit.

Military equipment was also seriously damaged.

The occupiers were completely unprepared for such a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our drones managed to bypass all enemy defense systems,” – the special service said.

So, SBU sources predict even more surprises for the Russian occupiers in the future.

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