Stand With Ukraine

Tatiana Goncharko

Aug 25

The man is a lunatic… who has no understanding of what’s really going on

“This war will end when the United States stops funding Ukraine,” says Vivek Ramaswamy, a candidate in the Republican presidential primary.

Live Ukraine


Comment from Jeff Stone :

Our North American media have failed miserably to inform people about what’s really going on, it gets covered like a football game. But what can we expect, they’ve failed similarly to cover dangerous domestic politics. I’m honestly not even sure which side our media is on.


  1. Surely this genocide-enabler is a Modi-Putler plant?
    Either way, he is a toxic combination of lies, misdirection, propaganda and pure evil.
    The guy is as thick as pigshit, deeply offensive and unfortunately quite popular.
    How the hell did this happen?
    He makes even Trump look like a moderate.

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