In the Netherlands, it was revealed whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use F-16 fighters to retake Crimea

Evgenia Sokolenko13:55, 08/25/232 min.586

For the Netherlands, Ukraine’s borders have not changed since the declaration of independence.

The Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Kaisa Ollongren, said that Ukraine can use Western weapons provided for self-defense as effectively as it can.

In  an interview with “European Pravda”, she commented on the possibility of using Western aviation to return Crimea, captured by the Russian Federation.”Our position is clear: we have never recognized the annexation of Crimea. Ukraine is exactly as it was in 1991, when you restored your independence.

This has not changed either after 2014 or in 2022… We support your right for self-defense.

We support your territorial integrity, recognized by many countries of the world,” Ollongren emphasized.

According to the minister, it is Ukraine that is waging war, and therefore Kyiv itself will decide how and for how long it will fight.”

When we provide Ukraine with aircraft and weapons systems, we do so knowing that you use them for self-defense and that you respect the rules of war that apply to you and to us.

And while it is about what you use weapon for self-defense, you have the right to use it as effectively as you can,” added the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands. She noted that her country has not yet finalized the conditions for the transfer of aircraft.

“However, as long as it is about the actions of your army within the limits of self-defense and for the restoration of your territorial integrity – within the borders that you had – before, then it is not my business to determine your war strategy,” Ollongren concluded.

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