Heineken finally left Russia with a loss of 300 million euros

Alyona Kyrychenko13:19, 08/25/232 min.1

The purchase price of the Heineken Russia business is EUR 1 for 100% of the shares.

The international brewing corporation Heineken is completing its exit from the Russian market, having suffered a loss of 300 million euros.

“Heineken announces the completion of the agreement to sell its units in Russia to Arnest Group.

The agreement has received all necessary approvals and completes the process that Heineken began in March 2022 to exit Russia, having suffered an expected total loss of 300 million euros,” the website says company _

It is noted that the purchase price of the Heineken Russia business is EUR 1 for 100% of the shares. 

All assets, including 7 breweries in Russia, will be transferred to new owners.

The company also emphasized that Heineken will not provide brand support and will not receive income, royalties or commissions from Russia.

Exit of beer producers from Russia

As UNIAN reported, after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the  Heineken  concern promised to suspend the sale of beer under the Heineken brand in Russia.

At the same time, the Danish brewing concern  Carlsberg Group also decided to stop production of beer  under the Carlsberg brand in the Russian Federation. 

He immediately announced the termination of investments and export shipments to the Russian “daughter” – the brewing company “Baltika”.

In April, one of the largest beer producers in the world, the company Anheuser-Busch InBev, announced that  it would sell its share in the Russian AB InBev Efes .

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  1. There are certain countries that have shown not only to be friends of Ukraine but a sincere love of humanity and all that is good about it. My God the smaller the country the larger the heart and sense of what’s right and wrong. God bless all our friends especially the smaller countries where such decisions have a far large impact on them then these larger western entities. Thank you the Dutch, Danes, Brits, Poles the Baltics and others. They are not only our friends but more importantly share our values.

    Слава Україні! And these many friends

  2. After 9 years of putler’s war, they pulled out.
    The “loss” is €300m.
    But what were the profits they made since 2014?
    They can offset their losses with the 9 years profits they made in Russia, which helped to fund the putler genocide.

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